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Backup & Recovery Services provided by Shawn Stern Computer Services, Inc.

Remote Backup

Backups are insurance on your information and technology.

Backups are a critical part of any business that maintains data that if lost would cause stress and loss of productivity. Typically businesses use tape backup, removable storage or newer technology like thumb drives or memory sticks. As all of these are viable options but there are potential areas of problems like damage from dropping, loss, water, heat, cold, or even physical damage from stepping on it.

Remote offsite backups are not subject to these kinds of problems. Offsite backups utilize disk storage via secure transmission of your data to our servers. Once that backup is complete, an email will be sent to you or a designated person to inform you of the success and status of your account.

The benefits of offsite backup are as follows:

  1. No single person is responsible for changing tapes or taking a media off-site to protect against fire, flood or other disaster.
  2. No need to periodically replace tape or disk media, they have a limited life span of usability, typically 1 year.
  3. No need to purchase or maintain software or hardware to stay up to date with patches, fixes or failures.  Our remote backup servers will automatically update the software as needed.
  4. More consistent daily backups to alleviate that forgotten backup.
  5. Faster restore times as you can go directly to a file for restoration rather than a sequential reading of the tape to find the file.
  6. Faster backup times since only new data is in the daily backup since the last backup.
  7. Reduced risk of data loss for that day since the remote backup has completed as quickly as possible and reduces the chance of the tape sitting in the drive overnight or over the weekend if something were to happen during that period of time.
A quick Cost analysis of remote backups vs tape based on 25gb of data.

All costs are estimates for general comparison.  Actual costs can be determined after a no cost in person evaluation for your business.

                        Remote backup:                             
                              Monthly service - $ 30.00 per  month
                              Yearly : $ 360.00

                              Software Purchase: $800.00
                              Yearly software renewals: $ 125.00
                              Replacement Tapes:  $ 300.00 (based on 400/800gb LTO tapes)
                              Hardware : $850.00 ( 36/72 gb drive with controller)

Requirements of remote backups:

  1. An always on internet connection capable of 768k data transmissions or more.  The faster the connection, the quicker your backup will complete.

What can we backup?
Our remote backup servers can backup Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Servers, MySQL servers, Word, Excel, Outlook, Peachtree, QuickBooks or any other data that you would need backed up.

Some special considerations:
A backup of your data is only one piece of the puzzle to protecting your business. You must consider the worst case scenario of a complete loss of building or server(s). You must develop a plan on how to continue business after the disaster occurs. Please visit our Disaster Planning area for further information.

Contact us today to discuss your backup plan and needs